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Types of Defective Toys & Their Hazards

Toy defects can cause catastrophic injury or even death. Some examples of such defects include:

  • Burns. Toys that contain batteries or run off electricity can present serious burn hazards in the event of circuit board malfunctions or other issues. Children's pajamas can also present burn hazards if they do not meet flammability safety standards.
  • Choking. Toys with small parts are usually labeled to warn parents of choking hazards, but what about toys that break apart or have small pieces prone to falling off? These can prove deadly, with parents unaware of the potential threat.
  • Intestinal blockage. Magnets are a hidden danger in some children's toys. Depending on their size and strength, they can be easily swallowed with no warning to parents that this has occurred. Once swallowed, they can cause perforations, infection and other serious intestinal issues.
  • Lead. The dangers of lead are well-known. Lead paint was banned in 1997, and yet 20 million toys made in China have been recalled since July 2007 alone due to unsafe lead paint levels. Lead can cause kidney and nervous system damage and can prevent growth and development.
  • Unsafe chemicals. Children's toys have been recalled upon discovery that they contained chemicals linked to reproductive damage, respiratory irritation, kidney damage, headaches, nausea and vomiting. One such toy, Aqua Dots, was recalled in 2007 after it was discovered that the coating contained a chemical that, once metabolized, turned into the "date rape" drug GHB (4-hydroxybutanoic acid).
  • Falls. Rocking horses, swings, playsets and similar children's toys may present hazards if they are improperly designed or manufactured, leading to serious falls.

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Dangerous Children's Toys

Attorney for Toy Defects Based in Sugar Land, Texas

When you purchase a toy for your child, you most likely do what most parents do: read the warning label and instructions for use to make sure it is appropriate for your child based on his or her age and/or developmental stage. You take necessary precautions based on the toy's label. After all, protecting our children is of the utmost importance. They rely on us to help guide them through this wonderful and sometimes scary thing called life. At times, however, there is nothing we can do as parents to protect our children from harm.

Defective children's toys present serious hazards. They effectively negate parents' careful measures to protect their children. At The West Law Firm, our product liability attorneys understand the specific types of defects that can affect toys and other products our children use every day. From our offices in Sugar Land, we protect consumers' rights across Texas and the U.S.

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