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Sugar Land Breach of Contract Attorney

A Sugar Land-Based Commercial Litigation Lawyer Can Help

If you have suffered or been accused of a breach of contract, you may be in need of immediate legal counsel. Business disputes such as these require an approach tailored to your unique needs and the situation at hand. Litigation may or may not be the answer, and this is something that a Sugar Land commercial litigation lawyer at our firm can help you determine. We at The West Law Firm take great pride in providing the type of individualized counsel that helps each client take the correct course of action for his or her business.

Contracts are a necessary part of any business. If they are created properly and within legal boundaries, they should protect the interests of all involved parties. They should be respected. A single business may have numerous contracts with employees, vendors, contractors, clients and other businesses. If an issue arises with one of these agreements, it could have serious consequences. Whether accused of a breach of contract or adversely affected by another's contract violation, a business needs to protect its interests. This is where our attorneys can help.

Our team represents businesses in Sugar Land and across Texas in breach of contract litigation related to employee contracts, non-compete agreements, vendor contracts, construction contracts, mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property and more.

Is litigation the answer? Take the right approach to a breach of contract.

There are a number of issues to consider before moving forward with litigation involving a breach of contract. Some questions we may consider include:

  • What was the specific breach?
  • Was the breach clearly outlined in the contract?
  • Was the contract legally sound?
  • Did the violation cause quantifiable harm to you or your company?
  • What specific damages were created by the breach of contract?
  • In addition to current losses, are future losses to be expected?
  • Will an out-of-court settlement be possible, and advantageous?
  • Will litigation be worth time and expense based on the potential reward?

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When you work with our firm, you can rest-easy knowing that your case is in the hands of a highly awarded and respected attorney. Scott West is a board certified attorney, willing to fight and do whatever it takes to help our clients win. When you entrust your case with our firm, you can be confident that a legal expert is on your side.